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  • Youth Expedition Project 16/17 - Project Rian Chiang Rai, Thailand: 22nd May to 5th June 2017


Project Rian Chiang Rai, Thailand: 22nd May to 5th June 2017

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences (SPMS) Youth Expedition Project 16/17

In gratitude for the sponsorship of Laksa pastes by Pong’s Laksa House for Singapore Cultural Day Lunch, here are some photos of the activity: 

Screenshot 1

We chose Pong’s Katong Laksa to represent Singapore’s cuisine during the Singapore Cultural Day event at Christian Paisarnsart School.

Above: One of our team members stirring the large pot of laksa as groups of students, drawn by the savoury aroma of the gravy, begun to gather by the window.

Screenshot 2

Above: Bean sprouts, hard boiled eggs and fish cake to go with the laksa. Cooking in a foreign land can be a challenge as finding ingredients may not be easy. Despite not being able to obtain prawns, cockles and laksa leaves (Vietnamese cilantro) for the laksa, the team still felt that the dish tasted authentic enough for the Thai locals to gain an appreciation of the dish.

 Screenshot 3

Above: A student putting her hands together as a gesture of gratitude prior to receiving the bowl of laksa from our team member. The sense of pride was unmistakable as we handed out the bowls of laksa to students waiting eagerly to taste this Singaporean dish. Watching them savour the dish made all our efforts feel worthwhile.

Screenshot 4

Above: Our team president, Sin Yee, enjoying a bowl of laksa with one of the Thai students. As the Thai locals sampled the laksa, we gave them a brief introduction of the dish and its origins. They drew similarities between the taste of Thai green curry and laksa. Many of them liked it so much they went for second helpings.

 Screenshot 5

Above: A Thai student giving the dish a thumbs up as he helps himself to another serving of laksa.

Screenshot 6

Above: “Aroi mak mak!” (Very very delicious!) was the reply to our question “Aroi mai?” (Is it delicious?). This iconic Singaporean dish helped to bridge the communication gap with the Thai locals as we bonded over the meal. It is true when they say that food is an international language.